A look at Canon Selphy CP-800 and CP-900

Canon compact photo printer reviews - Selphy CP-800

All the Canon compact photo printer reviews would say that these printers do exactly what they are advertised to do: Canon Selphy CP-800 and Canon Selphy CP-900, the printers that are both stylish and superb that has made printing your wonderful memories never been these relatively easy and so much fun before. In addition to its exceptionally light and compact body, an optional battery makes it far easier to take these printers with you anywhere and anytime.

Both of these compact photo printers, with the dye-sublimation technology makes it possible to print unlimited and exquisite photos in any color selection may it be in a full blast lively color or monochromatic gradient color.

The comparison

Canon Selphy CP-800 is a printer with a built-in 2.5 inches tilt-up LCD that lets you preview your images on a screen in front. The printer is small in size but not to underestimate for it consistently produces an imaginable high quality vibrant color image print that immediately protects the output with a waterproof coating when fully printed. Software is very easy to use and equipped with simple uncomplicated instructions. It can produce photo prints in about 47 seconds. Anyone wanting to print a picture that goes in a timeless manner will find this printer suitable for usage.

No more waiting for the photo to dry because it has a no messy ink feature that prevents ruining the photo. No alignment needed or calibration to setup before printing. Also, a variety of connection methods is available like USB, SD card, memory stick, cell phone (with Bluetooth).

Another printer that the canon compact photo reviews would mention is the Canon Selphy CP-900. Its new wireless capabilities allow transfer at any time and any rate the images to be printed right from the computer or iOS device. What’s more is that it has a larger built-in tilt up preview screen in front than the CP-800 in about 2.7 inches and can also produce the same excellent waterproof photo quality prints. Plus, photos can be printed directly from memory cards, compatible digital camera or USB flash drives. If you’re not convinced of the waterproof print that this printer can produce, take a look at the video below.

Both compact photo printers appear to be physically attractive and not only that, for these printers can turn your much loved photos into a collage with the image Shuffle application in which one can choose from many different charming art-inspired borders and colorful designs.

The verdict

On the other hand, all the canon compact photo printer reviews would say that even when these compact photo printers are absolutely amazing, Canon Selphy CP-800 and Canon Selphy CP-900 comes with its weaknesses. Both printers can be very pricey and the cost of prints is a bit higher than in local stores.

The CP-800 has a giant white AC adapter which appears to be a bit displeasing to the eye for a very cute and portable printer. Another thing is that when the ink cartridge is used up, one can’t recycle it. Onehas no choice but to throw it and it makes it kind of wasteful. And also, when the user prints two different paper sizes, there is no other choice but to use its own cartridge and paper tray. In contrast, the CP-900 has its one major drawback for it lacks Wi-Fi direct for its very useful Wi-Fi feature. (the following video shows Wi-Fi drect in action)

To sum everything up, these compact printers appears to be an excellent choice for anyone who loves photo printing. It works well and most especially, it creates high-quality prints. Now that you have an in-depth look at Selphy CP-900, I think you would have agreed why it stands as among the best photo printers available today.

Do you think these Canon Selphy printers are what you are looking for? If you are looking for something that is lightweight, check out which models make it to our best portable photo printer list.

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